I’m a Mom of 3 amazingly amazing wonderful kids, grown people, sweet and often-enlightened. Clare, Rachel, and Keith.  I was a schoolteacher of, mostly, elementary school for 23 years, married a total of 23 years, single now. I’ve been doing Tai Chi for 20 years, and teaching for 15, teaching yoga about 10 years, certified in Reiki, 3rd level, and practicing with Shaman techniques for God-knows how many.

I LOVE working with herbs, herbal lotions and products, and finding new herbs here in Ecuador is absolutely one of my favorite heart-opening things of all time. I work in the garden, drink my green smoothies, make fun things in the horno (Adobe oven), walk my dog, say hi to the outside kitty, try to converse with Angels-workers who are building my house, and go into town every week or so to drink a chocolate-rescate smoothie. Occasionally I have the Airbnb guest who is fun to converse with and show around. Gosh, life is good and so exhilarating, so full.

I love you all.

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