Banana Coconut Kefir

Well, the electricity was out for the last five-six hours, so I couldn’t make my morning green smoothie in the blender. Instead, I grabbed a handful of Romaine from the garden, mi jardin, and drank my first coconut kefir I’ve had in years. I used the starter from the Fermenting Workshop I went to last night, mixed it with a small banana, mushing it up by hand, and it sure gave me a zing! This recipe, without the banana, is very good for Candida. All coconut products are superb in combating the fungus and helping maintain a healthy immune system.

Wilson came by and gave me a whole banana stalk, with about 100 bananas on it! When he first did that, and hung it up on a rope on my back porch, I said, “Now, I am an Ecuadoriana!” Because everyone has an abundance of banana trees here. And if yours aren’t grown, as mine aren’t yet, people are glad to give you their extras! Oh, my gosh, the land of abundance. I feel enormously blessed every day of my life here.

This workshop was at a  beautiful house on an acre with solar fridges even! Anyway, I got some free coconut kefir starter (no milk in it) and we made coconut kefir, banana kefir , beet kvass, cultured veggies, ginger ale, yogurt and some tzatziki dips! Yum. And ate a hugeplate of everything. It was so good.


Recipe of the Day – Coconut Banana Kefir


2 T. starter (coconut juice with kefir grains in it, fermented)

1 1/2 liters coconut water

1 banana, mashed

1 piece of cheesecloth

Jug, Jar or Pitcher


Fill the jug with coconut water. Let sit for 12-24 hours, but use within that time. It should have a piece of cheesecloth over it to keep out the fruit flies and other bugs. Take out some of the liquid to reserve for your next batch. Then add the mashed banana to the top of the jar. It may sink and come back up again. Wait 12-24 hours. It will have bubbles, which means its fermented! Then, you can pull out the banana, eat or discard. Or mix it all together and drink. Like I did! It’s amazingly good, and with the bubbly fermented taste, you get a real zing to your system with it! Put the rest in the fridge so it will continue to ferment slowly.

Word of the Day: jardin – garden

Tip of the Day: Eating a little fermented food each day, like yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut, will kill the bad bacteria in your gut and feed the good bacteria! It sure helps with Candida!

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4 thoughts on “Banana Coconut Kefir

  1. Oh my gosh! This is so good. I’m so into Kefir right now. I really think it’s a trend that’s going to catch on! Thanks for posting! Awesome recipe! Keep sharing! Ty.

    1. Thanks, Maxie. I’m sure glad I started the Kefir thing at home. Feels so good on my stomach!

  2. Hi, what do you mean by “solar fridge” ? I have solar power (off the grid) and would like to know how this works.

    1. Hi Fred! They have a Solar Refrigerator from Canada. IT looks like a floor freezer, but is a refrigerator supplied solely by the sun’s energy! It’s so cool.

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