Cacao-Mint Truffles

The sun is out today in Vilcabamba (no, its not always out at the Equator), and its after noon and there’s still an incredible breeze, so soft against my cheek. It feels like a caress. It’s probably around ….72 degrees, I’d guess. So beautiful! But then, I went to Loja, 40 km from here and it was rainy and grey and about 10 degrees cooler. And I forgot my sweater again! I came home exhausted and put on my PJ’s at 4:30 in the afternoon, and made some truffles. They’re SO fast to make! And then the world was right again. There’s no place like home. (I get to say that, as I’m named Dorothy.)

Recipe of the Day:  Truffles

3 T sweetener (honey is preferred) (Use 2 T. coconut syrup + 1 dropper Stevia liquid instead)
3 T almond butter or 1 c. soaked nuts
1 heaping T cacao powder or 3 T carob powder, or a mixture of both
3 tsp. Cacao Bliss, coconut oil or cacao butter, shaved and melted
3 drops peppermint extract


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Form into balls and chill, or eat right away to quench your chocolate craving! You can also roll in coconut, add vanilla instead of peppermint, add bee pollen, hemp seed, nuts, sunflower seeds or orange oil instead of peppermint, cinnamon, cacoa nibs, avocado instead of Cacao Bliss! Truly! It’s amazing.

This is it! I mean it, the rich dessert you’ve been craving.

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Word of the Day: cacao – cocoa

Tip of the Day:  Even though it looks like paradise, you WILL need a sweater, a hood or umbrella, and, if you’re hiking, rain boots!

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